Top 10 Best Books for Screenplay Writing –

A Great Script is absolutely essential, perhaps THE essential thing for a movie to succeed – Sydney Pollack.


And that Great Script is written by you. Yes, You, the Screenplay Writer. We all need the Guidance when we are on our journey towards our Destination. When such journey is wholly dependent on our talent and skills, getting a correct direction is very essential.

So, this list of Books for Screenplay Writing will be an awesome Guide for all the aspiring Screenplay Writers –And as Ernest Hermingway has said, “There is No Friend as Loyal as a Book!

These First Five books will become your Companion in the journey –

1. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder –

The Author says ,” Save the what? I call it the “Save the Cat” scene. They don’t put it into movies anymore. And it’s basic. It’s the scene where we meet the hero and the hero does something  “like saving a cat” that defines who he is and makes us, the audience, like him.”

This book is referred by screenplay writers all over the world and hence it becomes our First Book to start with. In this book author has used the most important element i.e. Humor, with fast and candid style of writing. For more details you can also visit the website 

2. The Screenwriter’s Bible by David Trottier

When people follow any religion, they also follow the Holy Book of that religion i.e. Bible.Do you know screenplay writers also have bible for them specifically ?


This book covers all the Basics which a Screenplay writer should know and follow. It also inspires with the practical advice. So, this becomes our Second Book to follow the path forward.

3. Writing movies for Fun and Profit by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon

Being greedy can be said bad but being practical is a need of every profession. You surely want to make money from your profession, but How ?

Who else can write it better than these two because they have actually done it ! This book is a pure gem because it reveals many inside information’s of our industry which can be very useful when we enter the same industry. So grab this book and start planning about how to make money !

4. The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Riley

Not all the rules are meant to be broken as following some of them can be beneficial to us. Do screenplay writers also have any rules to follow ?

This book contains all the rules you can follow so that you do not make mistakes. You will find everything here. Starting from Formats of Scripts, Several Examples to a complete guide about the Standards followed in the Hollywood.

5. Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda Seger –

After everything, what matters the most is the Character you build as that character will create the impression on audience. Well, How can you do that

This book depicts character creation perfectly. It also covers details about how to do research for creating Unforgettable Characters. The best part of the book is that it also contains Interviews of Top Writers.

Now, these Next Five books will become your Helpers as and when you will need them –

6. Screenwriting from the Soul by Richard Krevolin –

Have you ever felt Blank ? Obviously, we being human it is very often that we get lost even when we know where we are leading. Now what to do when such situation arises ?

This book which is written in a Letter Format gives insides about physiological and psychological basis for good storytelling. This book makes one point very clear that writing, especially screenplay writing requires a great deal of patience, stamina, and faith. So, if anytime your hopes end, start reading this book.

7. How NOT to write a Screenplay by Denny Martin Flinn –

To follow DON’Ts is always better than to follow DOs ! So, after knowing what and how, do you what not to do ?

This book makes a clear point that even a Bad Script is an unique work done by the writer. In this book by giving several examples writer helps to convert that bad unique work into the best unique work !

8. Your Screenplay Sucks by William M. Akers –

Motivation usually comes from where it is least expected ! Do you know power of Negative Motivation ?

This book gives 100 practical ways to make your Screenplay the best out of all. You can enjoy this book while reading as it gives many clear advice which are must for you to have if you get confused at any point.

9. Alone in a Room by John Scott Lewinski –

No path can be crossed without failure, and failure makes it sure that we get succeed. Now, what will you do if you face the failure ?

This book talks about the Distractions you might be having and how you can focus back on your work. It is both the Reality Check book and also an Inspirational one, so that you can know, Failure is delayed Success.

10. Breakfast with Sharks by Michael Lent –

Now when you will know everything about screenplay writing, what will be the last but not the least thing ?

What happens when you have that first call or first meeting with a producer who likes your work ?

What’s your next step?

What’s the protocol? How do you convert those meetings into Opportunities ?

This book is an answer to all those questions. It gives idea about the meetings that will take place after your script is ready and it gives much required steps that you should take in order to become a Successful Screenplay writer.

Take Guidance and achieve all your dreams because –

“A Professional Writer is an amateur who didn’t Quit !” – Richard Bach

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