About us

 “Not all the Addictions are BAD

because Passionate Addictions actually Create Us”

Welcome to the Hub of Passionate Addictions !

Here at 3 Addictions we are addicted to those Three Passions, which play a vital role in our Film and Art Industry viz.-

 ? Photography

 ? Film Making

 ? Visual Effects

Our Main Goal here is to bring together all the Passionately Addicted Artists from every corner of the globe under one creative hub at 3 Addictions.

So, To begin, our Priority is to provide Detailed but Genuine information about our Passions through Simplified Articles and Creative Video, where you will be entertained and educated simultaneously.

As Knowledge can not be stolen from Us..

Stay tuned and updated for our upcoming Articles, Videos and much more to earn the treasure of Knowledge about our Passions from Industry Experts and Artists.

“Stay Anticipated and Be Addicted with 3 Addictions”

Photography – Film Making- Visual Effects